gummy smile correction

Gummy Smile Correction – Answers in Detail

Smiling is being full of life. Being happy and showing it cannot be underrated by any chance whatsoever. Being happy resonates with smiling and laughter and it hence is related with the teeth. Showing them and smiling your heart out makes you as well as the person next to you feel joyful. However, what if you smile and your teeth are crooked or for that matter your gums show. Does it make you under confident anyway? If yes, we are at your disposal to help you get rid of the problem by the help of dental treatments.

Prominence of the gums is usually caused due to genetics, though it is said that many times the health conditions and certain medications can cause this to happen in the patients those are being treated. Whatever the cause may be, when it comes to altering one’s gums, there are a couple of ways to go about it. The treatments are available at dental clinic and aesthetic clinic.

Gumming smile correction by performing a gingivectomy –

A gingivectomyis a type of a treatment that aims in the reduction of the amount of gum that is exposed while you are smiling. During the time of this procedure, a soft tissue laser tends to remove a minimal amount of gum tissue from the patient who is being treated for the issue. This procedure is considered to be painless, and no recovery time like ion the other type of procedures available. By the removal that is done on the gum tissue with the help of a laser, it makes the teeth appear longer and hence the gums start to look shorter, creating an aesthetically good balance between the two of them.

At Derma Derma we use the best technology present in the form of laser for sustainable results for gummy smile correction. With this type of laser, the patient has a virtually painless treatment with no recovery time, and very small chance of becoming infected.

Gumming smile correction by the procedure of Botox Injectable –

In the recent times the use of Botox which is also known as botulinum toxin has been advocated in the procedures of treating the issue of gummy smile that many deal presently. Invasive injection of Botox is used into the hyperactive muscles of the upper lip area of the client so as to reduce the upward excess movement of lip. Hence, it results in less show of the gummy smile that does not look attractive to many people. Also, the cost of the treatment is not very high in the same respect.

In spite of the few pit falls that is attached to the same, the weight of the amount of psychological benefit that is rendered to the patient, is quite a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic surgery in the present times by the certified doctors who have a good amount of experience in the similar field.

There are also in some cases that the treatment of gummy smile is done with the help of braces, when the crookedness of the teeth is the reason of gum show while you smile or laugh.

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