Mole Removal

Moles And Warts – What Are They And How To Remove Them?

If something on the skin bothers you, it should be treated for we all want to look beautiful and presentable. In the ode to the same, warts and moles are also two of such issues that make the person conscious about their looks. We are here to help you out of such issue with aesthetic treatments related to the same.

What Are Moles?

Moles are known to be a pigmented growths on your skin that tend to breakout on the skin when the melanocytes, or the pigmented cells on the skin, grow up in the form of a cluster. Moles are a very common phenomenon and can even occur up at different developmental stages in the life of a person; usually it goes around till the age of 35 to 40. After the time, many of the moles will fade away over time.Dermatologists in Noida recommend that is of importance to get a mole checked if it appears in a very different way, they might grow larger, or might change the color in contrast to other moles that are present in your body.

How Are Moles Treated?

Most of the moles that are present on your body do not require any type of treatment, however, in many cases the dermatologists recommend the removal of those that bother the patient the most, also the once which are suspicious in their appearance should be treated. For mole removal from the part of the client where it has to be treated, dermatologists tend to use either the procedure of a surgical excision or they can even go for a surgical shave removal depending on the type of problem the client is facing. Surgical excision is a process in which cutting out the entire mole is preceded and then the skin is stitched close together. On the other hand, surgical shave removal is done with the help of a surgical blade for the removal of the mole with a deep scrape and it is also not stitched. In both of the cases, the tissue which is removed will be sent to the skin pathologist for the process of evaluation.

What Are Warts?

Warts are known to be a type of skin growth that and it is caused by a type of virus that is known as the human papillomavirus or even HPV. It is said that there are more than about hundred types of HPVsthat can be a reason to infect the skin, usually through an area where the skin is broken. HPVs are also very common in causing the top layer of skin to grow rapidly and this is what forms the wart. Warts are such a thing which can grow anywhere on the body and are most common among children and even seen in young adults as well. Generally wart removal is done on their own within months and some years.

How Are Warts Treated?

Mostly, the warts do not need any special type of treatment as a whole, but in cases when they start giving pain to the client or they spread in the other parts of the body, or even in the case when the person becomes bothered by the way it looks on the skin, professional treatment might turn out to be very necessary in that case in an aesthetic clinic by a specialized skin specialist. Treatments include different treatments like cryotherapy, electro surgery, curettage, immunotherapy, or antiviral injections will require you to visit your doctor.

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