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Tattoo is not permanent 

You were in absolute love to get a tattoo but now you want to get rid of it as it says the name of your ex girlfriend or the one looks really childish and you are looking for tattoo removal? The Laser Tattoo Removal Procedures at Aesthetic skin clinics are available at affordable prices to get you rid of the art you do not like anymore to stay on your body. It is also the best solution available in the market if you want to remove the tattoo with help of laser with no downtime. Tattoo inks are made up of solid colored particles, which can be targeted as well as eliminated by the dedicated lasers in the similar way as the pigmented lesions. Different tattoos might require varied types of laser in order to remove them, depending on the type of ink, the color, and the depth of the tattoo. The Q-Switch lasers tend to release high-powered pulses of extremely short duration. The intense and rapid heating induced by light absorption leads to a photo-thermal effect hence, helping in the process of laser tattoo removal. As and when the chromosphere is heated, it then undergoes sudden thermal expansion generating shock waves audible as a popping sound with each laser pulse. This photo-acoustic effect generates forces that allow fragmenting tattoo pigment particles. The pigment treated in this way gradually becomes much shallower over time and then it fades away completely. The peripheral tissues remain unaltered making the treatment selective as well as safe. The doctors performing such treatments are highly trained and experienced before trying their hands on your skin for the treatment.

Procedures for Tattoo Removal