PRF (platelet-rich fibrin)

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As we all are aging we have seen that our hair gets thinner and thinner, especially on the crown that is at the top of our heads. It unfortunately sometimes runs in the family. While you grow up you might watch it happen to your mother, and now you can also have to face the same fate of hair loss. Hair loss can be emotionally difficult to deal with for many people and they might have to undergo treatment for hair loss and it can have a negative impact on our self-esteem that would want you to crave for hair growth which is possible in the present times with the effects of PRF. 

PRF (platelet rich fibrin) treatment for hair growth is an advanced form of PRP (platelet rich plasma) and there is always a competition between the two in the form of platelet rich fibrin vs. platelet rich plasma. Also the treatment happens to be used for decades in dentistry as well as orthopedics for different kinds of treatment involved in that particular field. 

It is said that the human blood contains red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets, as well as plasma. When blood is centrifuged it is said to produce PRF. PRF contains platelets, white blood cells, fibrin as well as stem cells.  Platelets that are present in our blood contain proteins, or growth factors, which is known to increase production of collagen with the help of PRF injections, regenerate tissue, tighten the skin, rejuvenate the texture of the skin, and improve hair growth, which is said to be the best benefit of the treatment.  

White blood cells aid in the tissue regeneration of our scalp.  Fibrin then acts as scaffolding on which the growth factors attach so as to allow a longer release of hair’s growth factors. People these days who are dealing with hair loss, thinning or baldness are opting for this treatment to see massive difference in their hair quality and quantity. Dream Derma looks forward to helping such clients for best possible results when it comes to hair treatments and fillers of PRF.