Acne Treatment

Types Of Acne Treatments By Aesthetic Clinics To Deal With This Stubborn Skin Problem

Teenage life is tough as we go through lot many hormonal changes and imbalances in our body. The same takes a huge toll on our skin as well. Acne and pimples turn out to be the biggest issue that pops up when we deal with such kinds of issues in our body. In some cases it stays till later in the age and in some it vanishes after the teenage is gone.

If you are the one who is dealing with the problem of chronic acne on your skin, we are by your side to help you get away from the problem with the help of experienced dermatologists in Noida who specialize in this field and know what is good for your particular skin type. So, let us dig in some of the acne treatments that is performed by the skin doctors for sustainable results.

Black peel –

It is a chemical peel that is performed by the skin doctors and is used at our aesthetic clinic – Dream Derma. It is a chemical peel that is the combination of a few active ingredients of Black Acetic acid, black vinegar, salicylic acid, jasmonic acid as well as potassium iodide that could be considered the best peel treatment for acne. They are one of the most useful in the treatment of Acne.

The major advantages of the black peel mask is also useful in the correction of acne scars on your skin’s surface and it also majorly tends to take care of residual acne pigmentation that in addition adds the effect of whitening as well as anti-wrinkling on the skin of the client the doctor is looking for.

Salicylic gel treatment –

The other one which can help us bid farewell to the problems of acne is this wonderful treatment. It is infused deep into the skin so that it can prevent them from resurfacing. Salicylic peel treatment also takes good care of exfoliation so as to give you a visibly brighter as well as glowing skin. The salicylic gel is also a great option when it comes to the correction of the abnormal shedding of cells from the surface skin. It is best for the initial stages of this big problem and turns out to be a huge help when you are fighting the battle against acne or pimples.

Ozone therapy

It is an undoubtedly one of the best treatment when the talk is about acne and pimple treatment which turns out to be extremely effective in combating different types of skin problems that also includes problems like that of acne, pimples and more.The therapy is even useful to erase scars that form due to chronic acne on the skin of the person going through the process.

Mostly, the ozone treatment for skin is practiced by using a localized blowing method that includes oxygen and ozone. It is a great solution for people who are dealing with acne for a long time and finally want a sustainable result that could help vanish the pop ups of acne and pimples.

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