Dental Treatment

Tooth is the only part of the body that does not have the capacity to heal itself, so a maximum care is required to treat them with proper oral health so that they do not have to deal with any ill health problems and issues as we age. As it is been wisely mentioned that one should not rush while they brush, the dental problems which feed up in the teeth tend to become bigger issues as and when we start to age.

Mouth is the opening which taken in the maximum number of nutrients in the body. However, while we keep that in mind we cannot forget the fact that the mouth also carries different bacteria’s into our system and the first organ that they touch while they do so are our precious set of teeth.

Oral health hence cannot be compromised by any chance for that matter. We at dream derma look for the oral health and take care of your teeth to give you a valuable smile that will glitter with your laughter like never before by a dentist who is experienced in the field and is at least a BDS or MDS doctor to take proper care of your teeth.

One must visit a dental clinic if they by any chance are dealing with any kind of issue that has its roots attached with dentalcare. Specialist doctors should be considered for different types of dental treatments that are layering on your teeth. Be it endodontic or surgeon level problem we are at your disposal to help you come out of the problem with white smiling teeth in our wide range of dentistry procedures.

We are a team of experienced dental specialist who look after all the different branch of dental and oral health with full care after studying the condition of the client in full-fledged way to turn wrong at no point while the procedure is in action.

Let we take you through the vivid type of treatments that we are offering to the public when the consideration is about dental treatments by experienced dentists at Dream derma.


A bridge is known to be a fixed replacement for a missing tooth. After taking the measurement of surrounding teeth the other teeth is made, which will support the bridge eventually as a result.A bridge is usually created from precious metal and porcelain and will be fixed in your mouth (unlike dentures, which can be easily removed).


A crown is known to be a type of cap that entirely covers a real tooth. It is either made from metal, or a mixture of porcelain and metal, and is fixed in place in your mouth. Crowns are generally fitted where a tooth has chipped, decayed, broken or is damaged, it is even done to make the tooth look better than before.To fit a crown, the old tooth needs to be drilled down so it is like a small peg on which the crown will be fixed on.


Fillings repair the hole in a tooth which is usually caused by decay in the tooth itself. The most generic filling is an amalgamation of metals that includes mercury, silver, tin, copper as well as zinc. The dentist will offer the most suitable type of filling according to your clinical needs. This includes white fillings, if appropriate.Scaling is also looked after in the clinic by the dentists.

Root canal treatment

The popular Root canal treatment(which is also called endodontic) tackles infection at the center of a tooth (the root canal system).

When the blood or nerve supply of the tooth has become infected, the infection will spread and the tooth may need to be taken out if root canal treatment is nottaken place.During the period of the treatment, all the infection is later removed from inside the root canal system.Root canal treatment usually requires 2 to at least 5 visits to the dentist and gets the treatment in hygienic way.

Dental implants

Implants are a fixed alternative to removable dentures. This might turn out to be the only option if the loss of teeth has caused the mouth to shrink so it can no longer support dentures. You can use the procedure ofimplants to replace just a single tooth or several teeth. To fit an implant in a proper way, screws which are made up of titanium are drilled into the jaw bone so that it can help in supporting the crown, bridge or the denture.