Stem Cell Therapy

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Long and healthy hair are the finest feature that you can control.

If you are looking for a treatment that could be helpful in making your hair strong from the roots you are at the right spot. This treatment is specially designed to make hair visibly strong and heavy in nature. Stem cell treatment is practiced in aesthetic clinics with the help of skin and hair experts who are trained in the practice with year’s long experience. Let us know more about the treatment before you opt for the same. 

The treatment is also known as autologous stem cells treatment which is preceded from the patient’s own fat that is later used for the procedure to reach its landmark results. It is considered to be a safe and easy procedure to experience. First, the patient undergoes a small procedure in which fat cells are removed from the abdomen or hip region under local anesthesia. The fat is then processed in a special device that separates out the stem cells from the fat. The stem cells are then injected in the scalp under local anesthesia.

The treatment is practiced at an aesthetic center by doctors on top the patients looking for similar treatments. It is an invasive procedure with almost no side-effects on the scalp or on the body. Also, cost efficiency of the treatment makes it more likable by the masses.