Black Peel

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Do you have oily skin that does not let you try out all those expensive and beautiful looking make-up products? Or is it that your acne prone skin is affecting you? While you cannot really change the type of skin you are gifted with by the almighty what you can do is to lessen the oil content to an extent by using the right choice of chemical peel for acne to get the best possible skin. 

The Black Peel which is used at Dream Derma is a chemical peel, which combines the active ingredients of Black Acetic acid, black vinegar, salicylic acid, jasmonic acid as well as potassium iodide that could be considered the best peel treatment for acne. These are known to be the key ingredients that work perfectly for skin which is oily in nature and has active acne by the help of this treatment. 

The benefits of the peel mask also range to correct acne scars on your skin’s dermal surface and also takes care of residual acne pigmentation in addition gives the effect of whitening as well as anti-wrinkling on the skin. It is not a regular peel off mask but the peeling is related to the dead skin that we possess. The peel face mask is doctor recommended and hence is highly effective. The treatment shows its effect within a minimum of 3-4 sittings, with the results varying from person to person and the type of skin a person has.

Black peel is rich in black vinegar as well as potassium iodide with many other anti-bacterial as well as anti-inflammatory properties. It is highly rich in organic minerals and has a high concentration of amino acids. It is not like the regular blackhead peel but works in much better fashion for the skin. The treatment is cost effective and the price on which it is available with major results is considered a steal deal.