3D Nail Printing

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3D Nail Printing


Lovely hands are what all the girls crave for. So, it is the time to take our manicure sessions to all together another level. We are almost printing on each and everything that we can lay our hands on, then why is that our nails should be left behind without some art on it.

In Today time not just the different shades of nail paints but 3D nail printing is the answer to monotonous and boring nails. It is the time to get all imaginative and experimental with the most creative and innovative designs that will make your fingernails gorgeous with the help of a small machine. The printing of designs would not take more than 10 seconds on each nail and it surely looks super cool!

Let Us Understand the Procedure Step By Step –

Step 1 –

The first step is to coat the nails with a subtle color so as to make the design pop up. Mostly white nail paint is the best color to choose a base coat.

Step 2 – 

The next step is to select what design you would love to wear on your nails: smilies, pictures of your favorite people, cartoon characters, flowers or even your favorite nail art!

That is it!

The nails look absolutely gorgeous and beautiful in no time. You would also not need to use nail polish removal to get rid of the design. Just peel off from one side and you are good to go.