Meso Peels

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We at Dream Derma strongly believe in the fact that everyone should have skin and confidence, which is why we are very delighted to offer a range of meso peels across the branches of our centers. These doctor recommended peels helps us in building a tailored made treatment package which has various benefits so as to combat the different issues of our hair like a pro.  Scalp skin is known to naturally renew itself also it regenerates itself every 28 days. Per contra, as the time passes also at certain time periods of our lives, which are adolescence, pregnancy and menopause as well, this process either slows down or becomes fast in nature. This causes various types of changes in the scalp that could be named are dandruff, baldness, dead skin formation and many more such issues. Chemical peels or mostly the meso peels are said to exfoliate these ills sitting on our scalp at different layers so as to reboot the scalp’s skin cells and minimize imperfections on the surface of the skin so as to grow naturally growing hair with shine and luster and sans dandruff and imperfections. It is also price effective and could be taken as per the recommendation of doctor in a medical setting with all the desired measures taken before the treatment begins.

Hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s proving ground. – Shana Alexander