Vampire Facial

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Inner beauty is great, but a facial never hurts!

As we all know that Vampires are known to have white and shiny skin. The vampire facial is all about that to give you the glow that even the vampires will envy.

Vampire facial got its fame when the ever gorgeous Kim Kardashian posted an indifferent selfie on her social media portal of Instagram directly after the vampire facial treatment. It came to the notice of people that her face, which was looking raw, was coated with tiny drops of blood all across the treated area.

This might scare you but is actually nothing worth worrying about as the vampire facial procedure involves the extraction of blood from arms of the person getting the treatment done and then using a centrifuge to separate the platelets and plasma from the red blood cells, it is then directly injected in the blood of the person choosing the right spots of the face so as to extract the maximum benefits of the same. You could see a brilliant before and after effect after the procedure is completed.

The key to this treatment is platelet-rich plasma (Also, commonly known as PRP), which is the yellow-colored portion of blood that is left behind after the red as well as white blood cells and other components have been removed in the procedure. PRP helps the blood clot and it also contains proteins that are helpful to support the cell growth. By stimulating production of collagen, PRP helps rejuvenate the aging skin as it gives it much more elasticity and softness.

It’s the new age facial which is a must try and is now pocket friendly  and cost effective for the people who are looking to see visible changes in their skin shooing away the unwanted wrinkles, acne and its stubborn scars that are left behind.

The new times aesthetic facials are being loved by the masses a lot and you will have to give it a try yourself to see the best effects and results it has to offer. One pro tip that should be kept in mind is that you should get it done in a medical setting in the proper guidance of an expert at a certified Aesthetic Clinic.