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Nano Pore is known to be a Pigmentation Therapy and is a new system that was developed in the continent of Europe. It is a system of direct delivery of skin lightening ingredients so as to target the pigmented cells inside the skin, which causes dark skin patches like Melisma and Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. The treatment is especially designed to see lighter and brighter skin with first time procedure

The skin is said to become more receptive to the major ingredients that are used because of the technique, thus, hastening the skin lightening results. The number of sessions that could be needed for the skin totally depends on the severity of the pigmentation the patient is dealing with. An average of 6 to 7 sessions might be required for better results. Each session can be done every one month and in about 6 to 7 months you can feel much better skin and results with effective benefits for the health of your skin.

Make your skin glow.