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Get firm skin

What is the Procedure of Micro needling? Micro needling is said to be a minimally invasive aesthetic procedure that is said to be useful in treating skin concerns with the help of production of collagen. It is also known as collagen induction treatment in dermatology, MNRF (Micro Needling Radio Frequency) is a laser treatment that might help those who are looking to reduce the appearance of acne scars and stretch marks. The treatment is also used in certain anti-aging procedures, which includes the surgery of eyelids as well as sun spots. Micro needling is not very effective for hair loss. If you are in good health you might be the ideal candidate that can avail this treatment for acne scars. This might also be a final step before you consider any type of invasive surgery for anti-aging and other skin related concerns. If you want to know more about micro needling you talk to our dermatologists to see if this is the right option for your type of skin. Micro needling works by encouraging your skin to boost up more production of collagen. The idea of the procedure for face is that it pinpricks from the treatment cause slight injury to the skin then the skin responds by making new collagen-rich tissues making your skin look younger and much better than before.

The cost of the procedure might be a bit hefty but is better than invasive procedures showing similar kinds of results and benefits if prescribed by the doctor for your skin type.