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Acne is a problem we all would not like to have on our skin. With no side effects on the skin whatsoever derma rollers are introduced to the people by doctors who have studied skin to minimize the scars that the acne leaves behind as its aftermath. Derma roller is helpful for acne scars on the face. Derma Roller treatment is proven to be effective in reducing acne scars with vivid benefits; in various research and studies it is found out that not less than 86% of patients with heavy scars of acne on their face have seen marked improvements after undergoing the treatment by Derma rollers. Various types of acne scar can be significantly improved with a course of derma roller treatments performed at an aesthetic clinic by experts in the field. Many people try to use the same at home as well but if you are sure about how to use derma rollers it is strongly recommended to see a doctor before you dig in the process.  Small and not so deep scars could usually be removed entirely from the face. The deeper scars may not completely disappear instantly but would see a remarkable change with a course of time. It is possible to smooth them out and make them much less noticeable. An overall improvement of about 85% is not unrealistic given time. You can go for the treatment to see best results on your skin.